How We Can Help You!
The Public Safety Communications Accreditation Support Network is here to serve it's member agencies to assist in achieving Communications Accreditation by a number of ways.  If your agency is a law enforcement dispatch center or consolidated dispatch center, our services are for you, and are listed below.

We believe while networking with other agencies, we can help each other achieve the prestigious recognition of Accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

List-Serv Communication System
Member agencies routinely communicate with each other through a list-serv forum asking advice and for sample policies for various issues relating to their own needs.  We also get help from other members and work in a collaborative effort in meeting the numerous Communications related standards which CALEA accreditation requires.  Agencies can take advantage of a free list-serv trial run for a 45-day period while deciding if PSCASN would be a good fit for the organization.  In fact, the PSCASN Board of Directors frecommends it!

Database for Sample Policies and Directives
Exclusively for member agencies, the PSCASN organization utilizes a valuable resource for storing all sample policies and/or directives used by it's members.  Anytime a sample policy or directive is sent via the list-serv communication system (listed above), any and all documents are stored/secured in an online database where member agencies can view or download anytime for their use.  This valuable resource assists agencies in determining how their own policies and directives should be worded which can ultimately cut down on the workload of the agency and protect them against future liability.  With peace of mind knowing a certain policy or directive came from an accredited agency is valuable like none other!
   Additionally, CALEA standards requires a written directive be put into place for each standard.  These documents are also listed in the online file folder database for any member agencies use.


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